House on Haunted Hill

House on Haunted Hill ★★★★★

Love the gratuitous vintage Islands of Adventure scenes in the beginning. :’)

Geoffrey Rush channeling Vincent Price is absolutely ridiculous. He’s so fun.

We get Marilyn Manson’s Sweet Dreams not even 15min in.

I have a mad crush on dorky, scruffy Chris Kattan. He is such a highlight here. (Peter Gallagher is looking mighty fine as well.)

Everything about this oozes 90s. The unnecessary edgy backstory, the janky CG, the production design, the fashion, the ensemble cast itself...

Fuck it. I’m bumping up my rating. It’s always been 5 stars in my heart. This was a fave when I was a kid and it’s still a fave now. I like how it keeps the main premise from the original but creates something entirely unique. That’s how remakes should be.

PS. Now we know where Roque Baños got the inspiration for his Evil Dead 2013 score whoops.

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