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  • Ocean Waves
  • Love in the Afternoon
  • The Snow Flurry
  • Somewhere

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  • Rendezvous in Paris

    Rendezvous in Paris


    Rohmer in the 50s: I Go In On Every Song
    60s: Still Going In
    70s: Still Going In: Reloaded
    80s: I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In
    90s: I, Eric Rohmer, Have Promised My Friends, Family, And Foes One Thing: I Will Never Stop Going In. I'd Ask If Any Of You Here Could Stand Here And Question Whether Or Not I Ever Stopped Going In, But We All Know The Answer; I Went In, I Stayed In, And I'm Going In Even Further

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  • Somewhere in Time

    Somewhere in Time


    Me in the beginning: Jesus christ another boring time travel movie centered on a love interest, god damnit.

    Me half way: You know, this is actually incredibly charming, I really like this movie, yeah, it's fun, despite how tunnel visioned it is.

    Me towards the end: I completely buy this movie, it's just such a feel good movie.

    Me after the ending: Oh.

  • The Land of Steady Habits

    The Land of Steady Habits


    depressed upper class white people who have substance abuse issues and can't seem to work out their problems with one another is my fucking bread and butter