Us ★★★

i think ultimately, the ideas presented here are far better and more interesting than the actual movie itself, and that's okay, because the movie itself is still entertaining. Peele crafts a far smarter movie than expected with wonderful imagery that's bound to stick around for a long time, and his sense of timing when it comes to humor is far more smoothed out in comparison to Get Out. Lupita is great™, Duke is great™, everyone is great™ tbh. but i still kinda, idk, shrugged at it. like i enjoyed it, and i'll probably see it again with friends or something. and it'll make for some interesting conversations down the line. but that's really about it. maybe I just wasn't scared (but i wouldn't wanna fault the movie for that). who knows. maybe on second viewing my feelings will change.

oh and uh, #blackexcellence saved horror, something something, etc.

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