I love monsters a whole lot, and would probably kiss most of them.

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  • Cold Hell

    Cold Hell


    I was totally about having a Turkish woman with trauma in her past at the focus of a noire-type film right up until they decided it made sense for her to completely forget about all the racism hurled her way by the cop and fall in love with him because......... he let her stay at his place when she had literally no one else to turn to and he cleans up his ill father's shit????? That's??? it??????????

    I get the…

  • Wake



    I see Bree Newsome's wise words all the time, but had no idea she'd directed a short horror film until recently! Great Southern Gothic vibes.

    tw/cw: sexual assault maybe?

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  • Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction?)

    Alien Autopsy: (Fact or Fiction?)


    Aw man, I'm glad they respected the poor alien by blurring it's business. This was so much fun.

  • The Brain

    The Brain


    This is worth a watch purely for the first scene, which kicks off IMMEDIATELY, and the Madballs-esque looking. "Brain" creature.

    This one suffered again from the syndrome of 'the protag is a jerk ass boy' but it could've been worse. There's a lot of goofiness, including trying to bash at a rope-like tongue with a plastic bottle for a straight minute.

    tw/cw: body horror/gore/blood
    I'd call it jumpscares, i.e. sudden cuts to a spooky face