Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! ★★★★★

There is just SO much about this anime that is so well done, but the absolute biggest thing to me is just how excellent the girls are. They're some of the more real feeling girls I've seen not just in anime generally but just period in animation. Everything from their voices, their personalities, they just are so so fleshed out and genuine. Not overly cutesy, even with Mizusaki being a model/actress she still has SO much depth to her. It's sad it has to be pointed out and celebrated, but the main girls nor any other girl in this series is sexualized remotely, and there's even a bath house scene. It just lets the girls BE girls, with unique interests and wants and desires that have nothing to do with romance.

The animation side of things is so excellent as well, I adore how they take you into their unfinished artwork/concepts/etc and bring it to life with their vocalized sound effects. It really livens things up every time, but even the more subtle meta aspects work really well.

Everything just works all the way around, like the killer OP and the ED is also great, and I'm just delighted by every bit of it. Especially Kanamori, I just adore her SO much.

Also, I loved the progressively more prominent Black/dark skinned girls, I hope if the series continues (?) that there's more of them both.

tw/cw: Nothing really except maybe epilepsy warning