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This review may contain spoilers.

Not only is this a romcom that I REALLY deeply enjoyed which is rare itself, but it also managed to make time loops interesting and never felt annoying or tiresome once throughout, which is also tough to do. I really love that it explores something that I don't see a lot, which is the comfort of what's known. I admittedly found myself wishing, as aggravating as it would also be, for the freedom of just not having to move forward. Moving forward, especially right now, is fucking hard. It's scary. God knows what's going to come from it.

Seeing Nyles and Sarah be able to let loose and just do WHATEVER, have fun, go wild, it's hard not to be jealous. But then the film digs into the negatives of it, the fact that even if the people outside of them don't remember, THEY remember. They have to live with whatever they do, the guilt, the emotional/mental repercussions. And the dangers of just letting yourself be passive and inactive. Even if it's easier and safer, you're also losing something. Nyles was to the point he couldn't remember things about his life beforehand, which is unnerving, and wasn't dealing with his problems so much as just coasting.

This is a highly relatable thing for those of us with mental illness. I have anxiety and depression, and I am CONSTANTLY trying to figure out whether I'm really, actually doing my best to progress in my life, and it's simply difficult and going slowly because of these factors and many others, or... if I'm not actually trying that hard. Am I just being lazy? Am I really NOT trying that much because it's easier not to? Am I balancing self care with progress well enough?

I don't have the answers for that. But I can say that seeing these funny, and very human, characters struggle with those things was extremely cathartic. That's on top of a killer script, excellent acting all around, and a great soundtrack. It's got excellent cinematography too!

tw/cw: suicide is discussed, and technically I guess shown

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