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I was deeply excited to watch this both after seeing a glowing review from a disabled horror writer, as well as determining that Kiera Allen herself is disabled, both telling me that this would be giving desperately needed and well done representation. This was certainly true, but even outside of that Allen is purely excellent. She is so tough but also heartbreakingly vulnerable as she discovers more and more that the sole person she depends on in life does not have her best interests in mind.

I watched this with my best friend who is also disabled, and they pointed out something I absolutely would've missed otherwise, but is another important factor in the representation this film gives. They told me that when Chloe uses the crosswalk, there's a sound that plays and that's specifically to let those with little to no sight know that they can cross. They said it's really not ever shown in film or media, which is certainly the case because I don't recall ever hearing it before. It's those little things that really show the amount of care put into the film, which Aneesh Chaganty also did with Searching, and I'm so grateful we have such a killer director on the scene.

Even outside of being important for these reasons, the film is just well done. The dread and creeping uncertainty and fear is palpable, the reveals are well done and jarring, and the tension is thick and wielded skillfully. I can't wait to see more from Chaganty, and Allen as well.

tw/cw: There's a LOT of abuse here including gaslighting and more physical stuff, so be wary if that's an upsetting topic

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