The Thing ★★★★½

Not many horror films ever scared me as someone who grew up watching them from likely too young an age, but this was one of the ones that did. It's one of I think two films that I actively remember starting and then being too freaked out to finish probably the first time I tried watching it when I was a kid, and it was because of the dogs in the beginning. I loved dogs too much, and it just flipped me out.

I did eventually see it all the way through, but it'd been a long time since then. I'm glad I gave it a rewatch, because it really is just excellent, and because I appreciate how big a deal it was that the two Black men in the film weren't used as canon fodder and the first deaths, as with most.

Plus I love the wild thiwp-y little tendrils going absolutely bonkers every time the Thing busts out.

tw/cw: blood/gore/body horror