The Wolf of Snow Hollow ★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

I am truly baffled by the amount of praise this film received from horror film lovers whose opinions I appreciate. Genuinely, and truly not trying to be mean in any way, I can't wrap my head around what there is to enjoy.

While I will absolutely acknowledge that timing is a factor, as having incompetence sited as the reason a white woman cop murdered a 20 year old Black man rather than supposedly taser him as intended makes it hard to try to enjoy a film where the protagonist is an incompetent white cop. But even setting that aside, all this man does is scream at EVERYONE around him, deserving or no. Within his very introduction to the film there are red flags of him causally daydreaming about destroying his ex wife's home for her to "notice him." And does any of his behavior change by the end of the film? No. He's just back to where he started, and Julia has had to both step up to become sheriff, and apparently also parent to HIS DAUGHTER, something that is certainly for the poor daughter's benefit, but makes one question the point.

Maybe the point is meant to be that men like him don't change, even when they get that desperately sought win. But it's hard to find the comedy when his ways don't hurt him NEARLY as much as it hurts all the women around him. We have what are meant to be comedic montages of him drowning in pressure and lashing out because of it, all while women are being horrifically and brutally torn to pieces. We have him treating his teenage daughter like absolute garbage, screaming at her that he doesn't care that she's BLEEDING from the head because she made a mistake as teenagers do. And we have Julia picking up his slack constantly, and being there solely for his support with no other character definition except maybe that she likes instant ramen.

The dialogue is bizarre and half the time does not remotely sound like how real people talk, which isn't bad if there's purpose behind it but there isn't. Any emotional moments feel like they're still somehow meant to be funny thanks to the strange tone of the whole film. And in the very last act they try to throw clues at you for the non-existent murder mystery to point to a character that we of course did not suspect because we didn't know who the fuck he was.

I hope that this surge of werewolf horror films continue, but more so I hope that none of them leave such an infuriatingly disappointing impression as this one did.

tw/cw: alcoholism
verbal abuse/honestly abuse in general