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  • Dead Night

    Dead Night


    Me hearing my state mentioned in the last line: :O

    Unfortunately even with great actresses like Barbara Crampton and Brea Grant and some pretty interesting/gross creature effects, this just didn't quite come together in a satisfying way. Things were I'm sure meant to be vague, but it wound up being so much so where nothing really felt like you got what exactly was going on or why, and I think the faux true crime tv segment made it se you knew where thing would end up and thus there wasn't enough to keep up interest.

    tw/cw: blood/gore

  • Things Heard & Seen

    Things Heard & Seen


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I'm honestly a little surprised by how negative the reviews are for this one, although there are definitely criticisms to be made. Overall, however, I felt this was solidly enjoyable to watch. Yes, it is a lot of scandalous drama, but it's grounded very well by Seyfried and really everyone did a good job.

    I really enjoyed that the people into spirits and death basically were the good guys, and generally looked favorably upon having a spirit in the home…

  • Femme Fatale

    Femme Fatale


    Girlboss gatekeep gaslight the movie

    tw/cw: suicide
    spousal abuse is implied/talked about

  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    Sony Pictures Animation just continues to prove that it's the top animation studio out there right now, no matter how many awards Disney rakes in from people who don't actually pay attention to or love animation. SPA's work is always something fun and new and inventive in how it goes about things, the mash up of 3D and 2D in this is absolutely gorgeous.

    I was nervous that it seemed like it could be a 'technology bad' approach, but instead…

  • Memories of Murder

    Memories of Murder


    I've been longing to see this for a while now, and I'm so glad that I finally got to. While there's some aspects that are rough, namely the amount of ableism and mistreatment of a disabled man throughout the film who could have been afforded a bit more sympathy I think, it also felt very real and down to earth in how cops do, in fact, treat individuals who are disabled. The amount of respect given to the women who…

  • Tower of God

    Tower of God


    Beautiful, and I fell in love with just about every character by the end. I'm really eager to see the next season already rip....

    tw/cw: incest is mentioned
    emotional abuse
    Parent death

  • Grave of the Fireflies

    Grave of the Fireflies


    Utterly devastating, but just as important. The failure of just about every adult in this film to properly tend to these kids to the point the war itself was more beneficial to them in being able to steal what they needed was so deeply sad.

    tw/cw: Parent death
    Child death
    Child abuse

  • The Invisible Woman

    The Invisible Woman


    Far more comedy than anything else, but I do appreciate Kitty putting some shitty men in their places, but the misogyny of the times is still blatantly there of course, so. Solidly okay as a watch.

    tw/cw: Nothing much aside from the sexism

  • Monster Hunter

    Monster Hunter


    I had a fun time as someone who has only seen some of the most recent game in playthrough form. Tony Jaa is so cute and good, and I'm astounded at the lack of aging that Mila Jovovich has done. Ron Perlman I love you.

    Is this an isekai technically????

    tw/cw: blood/body horror/eye scream

  • The Ogre

    The Ogre


    The last lines of this had me confused about what actually happened in regard to the other family, which isn't abnormal for a dreamy Italian horror film like this, but it paired with the shitty husband not really getting any comeuppance made me dock a star. Plus, the ogre design seems questionable to me tbh.

    tw/cw: Sexual assault
    Gaslighting shitty husband

  • Tub



    Bobby Miller is exceptionally good at making things that are gross, but also injecting emotion into it. Not as strong as End Times, but given that this came first, it shows good development.

    tw/cw: I don't............. know how to tag any of it other than 'gross' lmao it's just gross!!

  • Rabbit



    A very beautiful trance-like film that is a step above slow burn into something else. A lot of people I'm sure will be frustrated by the amount of tension built that never really gets released, but it was very interesting if nothing else.

    tw/cw: self harm
    abortion mentioned
    ableist language