• Blood Beat

    Blood Beat


    There is so much that is inexplicable about this film, one of the main things being why it IS a Christmas horror movie that also features a girl possessed by a samurai spirit who is also maybe her bf's dad that also make her orgasm while it's killing people????

    It's fucking bizarre but in a fun way if also a 'what the fuck is going on' way.

    tw/cw: blood/gore
    animal death (there's a deer that's gutted to be cleaned out by a hunter)

  • Alien Xmas

    Alien Xmas


    Everything about this was adorable, it felt very much like the old Rankin Bass specials.

    tw/cw: NA

  • Krampus



    This still has some of my absolute favorite creature designs, and even if it doesn't surpass Trick'r Treat, it's super fun.

    tw/cw: blood
    animal death (dog, implied off screen)

  • Frankenstein Created Woman

    Frankenstein Created Woman


    AKA Christina and her two doctor dads.

    I do wish that her new dads hadn't made her beautiful~ by removing her facial scaring and disability because the message that sends is a shitty one, but overall this take was really interesting. Cushing is hot as always, but the ending made me lose it. Something about the abruptness of it and then Frankenstein just dejectedly walking away while the credits rolled.

    tw/cw: suicide

  • A Creepshow Holiday Special

    A Creepshow Holiday Special


    This was extremely fun, I really enjoyed how bonkers they went with it.

    tw/cw: racist slurs (when will we stop fucking using the word g*psy)

  • Letters to Satan Claus

    Letters to Satan Claus


    This is like taking the concept from a Hallmark Christmas movie and slamming it together with horror/slasher-y kills based around the holiday, all led by a messy and imperfect lead woman, so I loved it.

    Also I'm here for tits out Satan!!

    tw/cw: blood/gore

  • Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

    Ma Rainey's Black Bottom


    Excellent performances all around, and the tension cranked through it is palpable and when it snaps? Hoo boy.

    tw/cw: N/A except rape is discussed by a character

  • A California Christmas

    A California Christmas


    It has nothing to do with Christmas, or California really for most of it, and there's nothing romantic about lying to someone!!! Especially when they have a lot of trauma!!!! No thanks.

    Manny and Leo are the only good thing about this.

    tw/cw: N/A

  • Mania



    I was pleasantly surprised by how solid this horror anthology was overall. Even the ones I enjoyed the least weren't bad really. The best is absolutely the second one, The Intruder.

    tw/cw: animal harm/blood

  • Tenet



    Nolan is far too pretentious for his own good, and the sentiment he keeps accidentally making gay ass films because he can't write women for shit is absolutely true. That being said, John David Washington is good, and I do appreciate him being the lead and carrying a lot of the film when he's not being very gay with Robert Pattinson.

    tw/cw: blood
    spouse abuse

  • The Wild, Wild Planet

    The Wild, Wild Planet


    I really lost the thread on this one once they started getting a tour of the facility with the fake (?) doll (?) people (?) and am not a fan of the end but there was also a dude in a trenchcoat who would hug people with it and turn them into still living teeny dolls so that was fun.

    Also the spaceship-y cars were really cute.

    tw/cw: Sort of blood/gore but like very clearly not real lmao

  • Knives and Skin

    Knives and Skin


    Knives and Skin isn't for everyone, but it also certainly doesn't deserve the low rating it has on here remotely. Even if certain aspects don't work for you, I don't know how you can't appreciate others. The look of the film is excellent, there's Black dark skinned lesbians, in fact all the Black people in it are dark skinned and there's a lot of them. Yes, there are many surreal qualities to it, there's absolutely moments that are bizarre, but…