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  • Chance



    tw/cw: blood/gore
    abuse of women

  • Code 8

    Code 8

    When will Hollywood learn that if you make a minority being discriminated against in a film like, in this instance people with powers, but make them all white and the few non-white ones either get killed or be on drugs............. it's bad.

    tw/cw: drugs

  • Truth or Dare

    Truth or Dare

    Bad dialogue, bad choices, bad ending!!!!!!!!! Bad!!!!!!!!!

    tw/cw: blood/gore/body horror
    self harm I guess???

  • Let There Be Zombies

    Let There Be Zombies


    tw/cw: racist/homophobic/misogynistic comments

  • Predator: The Quietus

    Predator: The Quietus

    Straight up nothing really happens through 99% of this film aside from incredibly annoying 'American lady reporter throws herself into the big strong arms of the foreign hunter man'.

    tw/cw: blood
    body horror

  • The Los Angeles Ripper

    The Los Angeles Ripper

    I mean is this a horrifying concept as a woman? Absolutely. Does that make this a good film? Absolutely not.

    tw/cw: blood/gore/body horror/eye scream

  • Sharkenstein


    One star is far too generous but it at least ATTEMPTED to be a movie unlike Pot Zombies and there was no unnecessary nudity for the one main actress even though everything else about her part was bad so. There's that. Not a lot of sense to be found here, particularly with a completely unnecessary "scene" where the girl rambles off the names of all the Universal and Hammer Frankenstein films for truly no reason. Why did they feel they needed an extra 30 seconds just for that? We just don't know.

    tw/cw: blood/gore/body horror
    rape/sexual assault/bestiality I guess???????????? god

  • A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

    A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell

    Woof. Nah.

    tw/cw: body horror
    attempted sexual assault

  • In the Dark

    In the Dark

    Possibly one of the worst horror anthologies I've ever seen tbh which is saying something. Yikes.

    tw/cw: body horror/blood/gore
    I think homophobic language

  • Lust for Freedom

    Lust for Freedom

    jesus Christ just bad. Bad. Bad for women bad for everyone. Especially because they kept trying to lowkey redeem one of the guys who was absolutely actively involved in shit just because he sort of maybe regretted it because he was hot for the protag. Yikes.

    tw/cw: rape/sexual assault (shown)
    abuse of women
    nudity (full on)
    sexist slurs

  • The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven

    The Chosen One: Legend of the Raven

    I'm losing my shit this movie............. there was just so much that was so fuckin wild like nothing about her outfit or "powers" or anything had ANYTHING to do with a raven, she's absolutely not Native American

    what the FUCK was with the milk sex

    also "You drive you're the man"

    my god

    tw/cw: racism
    nudity (tiddies)

  • Getting Lucky

    Getting Lucky

    On the one hand this was a sexist mess which is clear from the poster

    On the other hand there's literally a scene where the main character is shrunk down and winds up in the panties of his crush and climbs her pubes which is the wildest shit I've ever seen in my life.

    tw/cw: sexism
    attempted rape/sexual assault