Tori has written 31 reviews for films rated ★★ during 2020.

  • A California Christmas

    A California Christmas


    It has nothing to do with Christmas, or California really for most of it, and there's nothing romantic about lying to someone!!! Especially when they have a lot of trauma!!!! No thanks.

    Manny and Leo are the only good thing about this.

    tw/cw: N/A

  • A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

    A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish


    Just not. Great. Like there's nothing inherently wrong with it but it just is not engaging in any way, and it sounds like someone tried to write dialogue for teenagers without knowing what they actually sound like.

    tw/cw: Gaslighting/abusive family with the whole Cinderella angle

  • Operation Christmas Drop

    Operation Christmas Drop


    If you want glorifying the military and white saviorism while having a Black romantic lead for once to try to soften the blow....... yikes. It's too bad because Kat Graham IS really cute and good but :/ nah.

    tw/cw: Nothing I guess

  • The Scorpion with Two Tails

    The Scorpion with Two Tails


    Unfortunately I watched this for Saxon, who immediately dies, and the rest is nowhere as cool as the poster would lead one to believe.

    tw/cw: Lots of squirmy maggots

  • Pets United

    Pets United


    Man what the fuck was this movie, why did no animal have an accent that made sense for the country they'd be from, why did the Proboscis monkey just look like a man, just generally why??

    Bob was the only good thing about it and the stars are for him.

    tw/cw: Nothing except like. there's a weird joke about the pig needing to get her ass waxed????????? Which isn't really even a cw thing but just like why, again.

  • Satellite in the Sky

    Satellite in the Sky


    When I was promised a "mad scientist" I didn't want to see "scientist having a bout of mania because of stress in space" come on!! That's not what that means!!

    The one whole woman in this could've had a slightly worse time of it, but everyone was still pretty shitty to her (although I do agree that she put literally everyone and everything at risk stowing away when space travel is generally calculated to the exact weight expected).

    tw/cw: Nothing because nothing happens lmaoooo but some sexism

  • Beyond Evil

    Beyond Evil


    Another 'I watched this for John Saxon' film, this time with racism.

    tw/cw: aforementioned racism, looking down on the natives for their beliefs, etc
    maybe epilepsy warning I feel like there's a lot of flashing lights
    sexism from one dickweed

  • Hellmaster



    This film was a strange mix of great effects and, as others have noted, some very giallo inspired aesthetic both visually and with the soundtrack, but the stilted dialogue and lack of character with any of them made it easy to lose track of what was going on through sheer disinterest. I came for John Saxon though, and there was that much.

    tw/cw: body horror/gore/blood

  • Seventh Son

    Seventh Son


    I would've noted this anyway but the point was really driven home finding out Chadwick Boseman died while I was watching this but: why were the only Black people in this antagonists?

    On top of using a slur as a job title.

    No thanks.

    tw/cw: idk nothing much who cares just don't watch it

  • Maniac Cop 2

    Maniac Cop 2


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Watching a film that is, obviously, all about cops at a time when I am livid with cops IRL every single day for the disgusting brutality and racism they display probably seems like a no brainer bad idea. However, I was in a bad mood and wanted schlocky escape, and hoped that Bruce Campbell would make it all worth it.

    Then he died about 10 minutes into the film, and I found I had made a grave mistake.

    It's not…

  • Hell Comes to Frogtown

    Hell Comes to Frogtown


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    There is a weird amount of interesting in this film with a lot of bad too, namely it being a total power fantasy trip of 'man who is one of the only fertile men left when the human race needs to be repopulated so I GUESS he's gotta have sex with all these women'.

    It's kind of cool to have things namely run by women because all the men got killed off just about, but at the same time it's…

  • Conversion Therapist

    Conversion Therapist


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    I 100% understand and feel there's a lot of pain behind this film, and it's I'm sure what informed the way it is. However, it's just.... really uncomfortable to use homophobic, misogynistic, cissexist, etc slurs and concepts as a weapon against someone who I understand has done the same to others and far worse but the point should be that those things SHOULDN'T be seen as a negative to batter someone with??? Being feminine, being non-masculine, a "pussy", whatever, none…