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  • Loki



    I haven't been enjoying this so I'm just going to skip the last three episodes. It was billed as Before Sunset meets Catch Me If You Can, from the mind behind Rick and Morty, which unfortunately wasn't the case. But ironically the bigger issue I have with it is just the aesthetic. Would it kill Marvel to go vibrant again?

    It was good at points though, like the supermarket fight scene and Pompeii. Probably first place in my ranking of the three D+ shows.

  • RKO 281

    RKO 281

    This would make an incredible double bill with Mank, and an even better triple bill alongside Citizen Kane!

    On its own, I think it’s good-not-great. Liev Shriber is great casting, but some of the other roles aren’t (specifically Walt Disney lol. And Malkovich and Griffith aren’t on the level of Oldman and Seyfried). But still - this is very entertaining and I had a good time with it.

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  • Luca



    Admittedly, I had very low expectations going into this, especially for Pixar. It seemed to be part Call Me by Your Name, part The Little Mermaid, and I definitely was not a fan of the castings for Luca and Alberto, which resembled Onward's lead castings in some ways. The seemingly low levels of marketing also worried me, as if Pixar/Disney had little faith in this. And to cap that all off, the news of this morning that Pixar would be…

  • Soul



    My name on here is GhostofGhibli as a reference to my massive love for animated movies; but, specifically I should probably change it to PhantomofPixar, for my love of Pixar is even larger than my love of Studio Ghibli.

    I say that because, even though this is five stars, it’s nowhere near my favorite Pixar films. It’s probably 13th or 14th out of 23, with room to more-than-likely rise to a maximum of 12th. I didn’t love it, but I…