Honeycomb ★★★★½

Really impressed by this British Colombia lensed flick. I spent my first six post-college years hosting house shows in my living rooms (would've been longer but something weird happened in 2020), and what really stuck with me about this film was the party/show scenes - there's a beautiful authenticity to the music of Gargoyle City: it's messy, it's poorly mixed, it's a little out of time, the singer can't quite sing, but it's the exact kind of music that you really only hear in spaces like these.

That response kind of framed how I viewed the whole film - those six years of my life were propelled by a deeply loving and involved community of friends & fellow artists who would come and help move our furniture, vacuum, pick up trash and mop up after - it was a space where playing in the corner of a totally packed living room was more powerful than taking the stage at a 1,500 cap venue ever did. That's really the environment I feel like Avalon Fast's feature debut was created in - that comraderie oozes from every pore, obviously in the extended & deeply personal "Special Thanks" scroll in the credits, but also clearly in the authentic connection the characters on screen all seem to share - these aren't actors, they're friends who are coming together to aim big and do something that probably feels more direct and empowering than a big budget production ever could.

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