Don't Breathe

Don't Breathe ★★★★½


Right, don't read any reviews of this film. They're all nonsense. Just go and see it. It's going to be best experienced on a big screen, because you want to be immersed in it. It needs to be seen in the dark, with the sound cranked up as loud as it'll go.

Don't Breathe is one of those smart, controlled, extremely heightened horror movies that wants to shake you up, and if you let it, it'll do a great job of that. Its characters aren't especially likeable, but they're well drawn, especially given how quickly everything happens. The basic dangers of the situation they put themselves in are thoroughly outlined, but every time you think you've got a handle on what's going on, the film throws something new at you.

Step back and, from a safe remove, there are some flaws you could pick at, some things that strain credulity a little too far. But in the moment you will never ever notice because fucking hell, this is a scary film, and it will get under your skin. In particular it's got one gruesome threat that's so inventively vile that I don't think I've ever seen anything that comes close to it - and it's followed by a payoff that made me want to punch the air.

I thought Ghost House Pictures would never make a good film. Looking at their previous efforts, and judging by the shitty awful trailer, I almost skipped this one. I'm really happy to have been proven wrong.

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