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  • River of Death

    River of Death

    The most perplexing thing is in movies there is always one nazi who is like “these experiments have gone too far!” But they are nazis and it’s super weird that they didn’t fully anticipate that.

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  • The Gauntlet

    The Gauntlet


    5 stars alone for Sondra Lock delivering that premium roast in the cop car.

  • The Front Page

    The Front Page


    “Its better to die for a cause then the way most people do; for no reason.” 

    Youd think this was dated but aside from  “Hamburger sandwiches”, its all about cops abusing their power, paying the media to make false reports to propel political careers, fear mongering, racism, & corruption. 

    Spooky double feature with Frantic as both movies have the “Cherchez la femme” dialogue queue. Ive had a crazy amount of déjà vu lately.

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  • The Fury

    The Fury


    Hot dog skin kirk douglas doing a charlton heston impression amidst an intense misunderstanding of science .
    Its got everything you never knew you wanted; tiny shorts, prolonged staring, an exploding body, and ice cream sundaes.

  • Atomic Blonde

    Atomic Blonde


    Can we please retire David Bowie’s “Cat People” from soundtracks? 
    There’s like... deeper cuts, man. And its rendering that song powerless. 

    As a whole, Atomic Blonde is heavy handed, impractical, and lacking in character. 
    It LOOKS good ( like a jonathan Viner painting), but its kinda... not enough? 
    Not enough for this sort of movie at least.  Like when the rich kid you know asks you where to get punk patches for their jacket- thats what this feels like.