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  • Manhunter


    35mm. Underappreciated Atlanta movie.

  • Bad Moon

    Bad Moon

    i was rooting for the werewolf

  • The Case Against Adnan Syed

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    Where Serial wanted to thrive in some weird, NPR-audience ambiguity, Amy Berg advocates that justice was not done and its not a matter of Sarah Koening or internet commentators telling us what they think — that there are real stakes and real lives here, and its not part of this weirdo true crime fantasia that Serial kicked off.

    Adnan, and his folk, and his community, have a real strong, unshakeable soul. God bless.

  • Krisha


    i completely misnterpreted 95% of this

  • The Nineties

    The Nineties

    No mention of Street Sharks 😤

  • The World Is Yours

    The World Is Yours

    i was on the fence for a minute & then they do Toto karoake and it ended up being the years most heartwarming movie

  • Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    Ali: Fear Eats the Soul

    fuck outta here

  • The Gift

    The Gift

    i was with this all the way up until the fake edgy ending — like the last 10 mins don’t even make sense cmon bruh

  • Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

    Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

    1 - LOT more fun to watch than the Argento joint I saw tonight

    2 - bruh is barely in Manhattan. 

    3 - if LeBron remakes a Friday the 13th, it should be this one

    4 - rooftop fight legendary

  • A Colt Is My Passport

    A Colt Is My Passport

    bruh, final gunfight is ridiculous in the best way

  • Deathtrap


    Christopher Reeve, never been better

  • Maniac


    Need to rewatch. Fukanaga stretches the boundaries and flows of what you’d expect a series to be — its rhythm feels more like a movie doled out in chapters than TV which is WELCOME. A lot less people talking in rooms, a lot more of Fukanaga wearing every influence on his sleeve:

    Spike Jonze meets big boy Wes Anderson meets 2001 meets Inception meets Fukanaga dialing up James Bond, Scorsese and Lord of the Rings impersonations that feel like they…