Us ★★★★★

Apocalyptic Duality.

Jordan Peele is a master filmmaker, in every sense of the term. His writing is dense, filled to the gills with breadcrumbs and double entendre. Yet, somehow it's also light and always entertaining. His direction is steady, unrushed. Yet, his calculated pacing and knack for musical cues lend an air of almost Amblin-esque charm to everything he touches. I'm unsure of his exact technique for working with actors, but damned if every single performer we see isn't perfectly in tune with whatever the vibe is at any given time. His films are rife with symbolism, duality, homage. He seems to have emerged from the world of comedy, fully formed, as one of the best (and most startlingly original) creators that we have today.

Us, which I actually prefer to his other almost-masterpiece Get Out, is everything all at once. Some people I've spoken to find it a bit too obtuse, some find it a bit too didactic. Some wish it was a bit more horror-heavy and dislike the comedic undercurrent, some say the opposite. The real kicker here is that every single person that I've spoken to about this movie feels very strongly about it and has something different that they took away from it than the next person I discuss it with. That's the mark of a filmmaker who has a finger on the zeitgeist. Peele understands the darkness that is in everyone, just below the surface. And he knows how to make it bubble up.

On top of all of this, I think that this is my very favorite cast that I have seen in recent memory. Every single player here is bringing something to the table that is unique and honest and raw. Obviously (and deservedly) Lupita is going to be the one getting the awards season love. But Winston Duke is perfect. Shahadi Wright Joseph is perfect. Evan Alex is perfect. Not a single misstep throughout the entire movie, which is an insane feat considering that two of the leads are children. Even if you hate horror movies, even if you are avoiding this movie for some reason, the cast is worth the admission alone.

And I have theories. Tons. Most are probably wrong, but they're mine. And that's the beauty of a film like this: people will be talking about it for years to come and, still, no one will have a concrete answer to the madness that they just watched.

Go see this movie. Right fucking now.

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