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  • Demonoid: Messenger of Death

    Demonoid: Messenger of Death


    mexican cult trash from the eightees. After 39 years I have seen it again and I still like it but for different reasons. With 14 years I loved this kind of movies for the horror themes, to get scared of it and I couldn't wait to see the next horror film. And i have seen lots of scarier stuff than this flic about a possessed hand. For example the Fulci films,Evil Dead,inseminoid or Beyond the Darkness. And nowadays I laughed about it couse of the stupid story,idiotic dialogues of the horrible soundtrack which never fits in the movie.But i love it. Good fun.

  • Peninsula



    A disaster of a movie!After tje awesome Train to Busan peninsula is pure crap. The script is so dumb and idiotic!A four year old child must been written this uninspiring and boring garbage. Such a huge disapointment! Avoid and watch Train to Busan insted!

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  • Cursed



    As I watched Wes Cravens werewolf flic at first at the fantasyfilmfest nights I was a little disapointed by it.I just expected more from one of the greatest horror film directors. But after the second rewatch this film works better and better for me. It works as a highschool satire and as a werewolf movie as well. Christina Ricci is gorgeous like allways. I'm mot the biggest fan of Jesse Eisenberg but in Cursed he is pretty good. For the gorehounds isn't that much in it, but a few scenes made a lot of fun to watch

  • Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story

    Amazonia: The Catherine Miles Story


    This is one of my personal favourite cannibal films, cause it's not only about the gore,animal snuff scenes,which I totally hate. It's a pretty unusally told story for this kind of genre. Amazonia tells a true.story about suffering, revenge and most important a story about true love and sadness at the end.