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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
  • Yojimbo
  • Lonesome Dove
  • Dirty Harry

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  • Japan Organized Crime Boss

    Japan Organized Crime Boss


    A bit similar to Sympathy for the Underdog, Japan's Violent Gangs: Boss has a different feel probably because of the all-star cast and larger conflict. Fukusaku did surprise me here though.

    "A yakuza is always a yakuza."

    Koji "Mr. Ninkyo Eiga" Tsuruta stars as a yakuza returning after a prison sentence to the war zone which is home: Yokohama. It's almost as if the ninkyo era is having a showdown the new, modern yakuza world. The gist of the story…

  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery

    The Country Western Film Genre 
    By giant13

    In the year of 1903, an iconic film known as The Great Train Robbery jump started the Country Western film genre—universally shortened to the “western.” What followed is what some would call a "boom" in the genre's film making. And 100 years later, that classic 12-minute silent film is still remembered to this day. Thousands of western films have been released ever since the inception of the beloved American genre. The western has…

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  • Throw Down

    Throw Down


    Journey to Hong Kong '23 Challenge - 6th Stop

    My second Johnnie To movie, so my expectations threw me off guard with regards to Drug War. The main point of the film is poignant, but the whimsical narrative format just doesn’t really do too much for me. The best scene was the three way conversation in the middle—got a kick out of that. But no, sorry, Johnnie, I won’t ever be using Gillette. I’m sure others will really enjoy Throw Down, but it’s not my type of To film.

  • Come Back Anytime

    Come Back Anytime


    A man dedicated to his craft and the community he formed around it… great stuff. I can’t recommend this one more!

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  • Unorthodox



    This is a short miniseries that you can get through quite quickly, especially in this quarantine state. Unorthodox is beautifully shot, well directed, and compelling at times. Unfortunately, I can’t recommend it. I’ll explain. 

    I understand, from my perception, what the main message is: you should not have to live a life that’s out of your control. This is not a bad message. I enjoy stories that have someone successfully overcome a bad circumstance. However, the journey needs to be…

  • Pork Chop Hill

    Pork Chop Hill


    Come for Peck and Woody Strode only... as it's a fairly boring war movie, even though it's so short. Milestone made better.