Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★½

somehow i went into this movie having never seen a single trailer or read much about the film except i knew David Fincher directed it and word is that it's dang good. well, surprise surprise Lando in disguise, it is dang good.
This is a fiendishly smart movie that starts you thinking in one place, halfway through flips the whole movie upside down and then in the third act flips it all again. almost any director besides Fincher would make a stinking mess out of the insanely complicated narrative like Gone Girl has, but the dude slam dunks this movie and makes it look like he can do these tense, fucked up movies in his sleep.
the cast is perfect, the score is perfect, it looks perfect and it has some 100% shocking moments done on a level rarely seen in Hollywood productions. Gone Girl is real good.

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