The Holy Mountain

The Holy Mountain ★★★½

i laughed a lot a this. Now, I wasn't laughing at it, as much as because of it, but by the time we got to Azxon and his 999 testicle trophy cabinet I couldn't take it seriously anymore.

I did however enjoy it. The palette is pleasing and some of the sets evoke the iridescence of reverie. The structure is actually deceptively simple as Jodorowsky presents his Christ figure, then his mystical protagonists before pulling the rug from everyone's feet.

Some of the portrayals of life on other planets did remind me of Python and Sleeper and not in a good way. There have been several documentaries made about and by Jodorowsky but a more interesting and rewarding project would have been to track down all the day players who appear in these films.

Asking a seventy year old Mexican woman what she can remember about being groped in a cardboard box, or the two volunteers in the opening credits who agreed to being stripped and shaved because they wanted a 'spiritual experience' for their recollections would be enlightening.

I wonder if they would feel that they wee powerless to resist his patriarchal overtures?

The Holy Mountain does have fewer of those subtle counter-culture tropes than other media from the period and the ratio or tit-to-bollock is quite a healthy one,

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