Captain Marvel ★★½

Things to consider before reading my review:

1. I don't care about the controversy surrounding the film.

2. Couldn't care less about Brie Larson being a SJW or a feminazi either. I only care about what's on screen.

3. I'm glad women have a role model to look after. If Captain Marvel can even be considered one. But it's ok, I guess.

I went to see this expecting the worst and while its not the disaster everyone told me about, I can see why many are disliking it (and liking it too).

The first 30 minutes is an editing nightmare. I thought Marvel and Disney of all companies were powerful enough to secure a contract with only the best people in the biz, but somehow they forgot to hire one. As the movie progresses it gets tolerable, but I tell ya, after that first act the damage was done for me.

Brie Larson is not that awful of an actress, but I don't think she fits these kind of roles at all. She can do drama just fine, but everyone in the MCU looks the part, you kno? She acts as if she's in a total different movie. Also, she struggles to deliver her lines and I don't know why.

The chemistry between her and Samuel L. Jackson is almost nonexistant. Such a shame because the few scenes she shares with Lashana Lynch are great. Maybe if they paired those two together and had Nick Fury in the background we could've had a much better film altogether. If anything, this gives Fury a character development I didn't know I wanted. So, yay I guess?

The nostalgia is also very distracting. It felt like all the writers (Four or five of them. Are you kidding me?) felt the need to cram every scene with as much 90's memorabilia as possible instead of giving the film a style of its own. Like, we get it Marvel, it was the 90's, alright.

Aside from that, I can't see everyone remembering this film after leaving the theater. Yeah, it might come up as "the first Marvel film starting a woman" in a conversation sometimes, but take that away and you have a run-of-the-mill superhero flick.

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