Big Trouble in Little China

Big Trouble in Little China ★★★★★

One more classic for the night, this one thanks to the Scream Factory version that rangergiff bought and allowed me to watch. This movie rocks, and is a bit underseen even though many people talk about it today.

It's a movie that really would have a lot of mainstream appeal, and its beginning to see a lot of that. Its a total blast though from start to finish. A lot of which thanks to confident and interesting direction, and a great performance from the enjoyable lead.

Overall, everything comes together great for this movie from the score to the visuals to the great world building. Scream Factory did a great job with this movie as well as it looks better than it ever has before. It allows even more detail to be seen, and is certainly worth picking up.

Score Breakdown:

Fun-O-Meter: 10

Technical Meter: 10

Combined Score: 10

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