• Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

    Salmon Fishing in the Yemen


    i hate this title cuz just by reading it you can quickly tell i most definitely did not watch it for the plot. randomly enough it was not bad, it actually works well.

  • No



    wow loved this one a lot! my favorite scene was definitely when they won and you had that one shot of rené holding his kid in his arms and walking in the middle of the crazy crowd, i loved that! just the expressions on his face yea.. gael was amazing as usual. happy i finally watched it since it's been in my watchlist for wayyy too long (:

  • Venom: Let There Be Carnage

    Venom: Let There Be Carnage


    this movie felt like the weirdest fever dream ever and the fact that i couldn't remember shit from the first one probably made it weirder 🧐 but it was still funny and the post credit scene was cool

  • Marighella



    vcs jurando por deus que o filme é ruim chatos pra porra vao se fuderkkkkkkkk

  • Love Hard

    Love Hard


    i mean other than the horrible read my mind cover that was playing at the end this was cute and sweet and actually way better than most netflix movies you guys are just mean!!

  • Criminal



    this wasn't bad!! it was actually pretty decent and the ending was quite cool!

  • Eternals



    ..... i genuinely don't understand the hate.. do you guys not enjoy good movies? all the characters have great development, the fighting scenes are awesome and the movie is visually stunning... i- no seriously i don't understand what people are pissed about(?)

  • Begin Again

    Begin Again


    i love this one so much and i hadn't seen it in years so it was great to finally rewatch it!! the beginning when keira is singing at the bar and mark ruffalo sees her and can picture the instruments playing to her song always reminds me of my brother bc he's a musician and he always says that that happens to him too whenever he's composing so i find it very cool and interesting that he could relate so much to it

  • All Too Well: The Short Film

    All Too Well: The Short Film


    I LOVED IT SO MUCH IM LITERALLY IN TEARS!!!!!!!! the only bad thing about it was that i didn't know how to turn off the live comments so i had to watch people complain about my husband jake gyllenhaal the whole time i was very close to committing a crime

  • Last Night in Soho

    Last Night in Soho


    really loved the movie but i do see the mistakes with it that everyone is going on about. my favorite part other than the directing was definitely thomasin's acting she's PHENOMENAL!! there was no else at the theater so the scary parts became way scarier that i'd think it was meant to be, i was terrified at times

  • The Terminal

    The Terminal


    i understand that there's a lot wrong with the movie (or maybe you guys are just boring thats another option) but it had so much soul and the characters were so interesting and easy to root for that they way i see giving this less than four stars is just not fair💞
    also i really liked how at the ending credits everybody's signatures looked so cool and fancy and diego luna's was literally just DIEGO LUNA almost like he was a four year old and had just learned how to write his name

  • Star Wars

    Star Wars


    don't really have anything to say besides the obvious which fuck this really is that good ive been watching clone wars and it just makes the whole vader vs obi wan scene more😭😭 other than everytime luke does something sweet to r2 it reminded of how much anakin also loved him😭💞 now im sad