Gone Girl

Gone Girl ★★★★


I have put off watching this film for a while now due to the films run time, I can often get restless if a film goes on for over two hours. I'm glad I decided to watch it at home instead of at the cinema but the length didn't actually bother me as I was too wrapped up in the story unfolding on screen.

I had unfortunately previously had many of the plot points already spoiled for me, so nothing came as a shock, maybe it is because I knew what to expect that I could just enjoy the film for the entertaining ride that it is and maybe that's why I managed to not get mad at the possible plot holes? Don't get me wrong there are certain moments that annoyed me because I found them unbelievable but it didn't spoil my enjoyment of the film as a whole.

I also wish that the film had ended better but maybe it ended the same way as the book ended? I have still to read it.

I thought that all of the acting in this film was superb and I thought David Fincher did a great job of bringing the film together, I am a big fan of Fincher's style and once again for me he didn't disappoint.

I'm now looking forward to reading Gillian Flynn's book so that I can compare the two.

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