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This review may contain spoilers.

Still 8/10

Poor Derek 😭 The guy was just so damn sweet.

I love the brutal deaths in this one. Back in the day you didn't see Randy's death coming and I loved that! (Not so much the actual death as he was a great character) but it was so cool that you knew no one was safe.
I do think that they should have killed Dewey too, even though I love him. That would have been more impactful and believable.

I always though the opening scene in the cinema is so awesome.

I didn't see the Billy's mum reveal coming when this was released but I still think hers and Mickey's reveal as the killers is my least favourite.

Cece's death is annoying and could have been prevented. Just walk out the door!

I'm finding that during this rewatch of the franchise I'm just constantly trying to figure out which of the two killers is ghostface each time. And I'm watching out for every tiny little clue. 😝

I'm excited to watch Scream 3 tonight as I'm probably one of the few that actually love it. Roman! 😍

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