The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★★½


I absolutely loved it and it is definitely my favourite DC film by far.

James Gunn's humour and visual style just really does it for me.

I found it to be proper laugh out loud funny more times than I can count but I also found it to be poignant, sweet, shocking, exciting and disgusting. Great combination.

Even though it was annoying that a lot of the best moments were in the trailer there were still a lot of things that happened that I did not see coming!

I bloody loved the characters so much! Especially Poka-Dot Man, King Shark and Sebastian. It also doesn't hurt that a lot of the cast are gorgeous. ❤

Great soundtrack too but Gunn has lead me to just expect that now.

My only grumble was that I felt some scenes dragged on a little too long.

So overall, I was actually crying with laughter, teary with emotion and gasping with shock. So far this is my favourite 2021 film I've seen so far (but to be fair I haven't seem that many). I think I'll definitely need to go and see this again before it leaves the cinema, I loved it that much!

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