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Black Mirror + Frankenstein + Pinnochio

The world building in this was immaculate. There were so many details that a completely different film could take place in this established universe. The concept of extreme body modifications and creating a white supremacist culture based on ability is simultaneously interesting and offensive. It’s futuristic eugenics and it bothers me that an abled bodied man wrote this, as talented as he is.

I’m not quite sure why I thought the film would have a semi-happy ending when I know damn well that Leigh and my relationship has been pretty abusive for the 10+ years we’ve been together. The man’s a sadist. A sick sick fucking sadist full of terrors that stick to your ribs. Just like Saw and Insidious, I will never forget this film. 

We’ve seen the whole “I choose the dream world over reality” plot before, but I was really hoping that man could win over machine. That Leigh would harken back to Saw II and make Grey cut that shit out of his spine himself.

I will have to see it again to fully digest every aspect of the vast world that I consumed. I trusted STEM which is dumb of me because I am very aware of science fiction tropes and I don’t trust AI in real life but I couldn’t fathom a robot being this evil. HAL who? 

I very much liked “Jamie” and the actor that played them but what did they mean by their last words? What did they know and why didn’t they just hack STEM to give Grey his autonomy back? Were they in on it? Did they purposefully let STEM take the driver’s seat? Or were they following those binary directions? 

How did STEM make that Aryan twig kickstart such an elaborate plan? Why didn’t STEM just take over from the beginning? Is there a way to bring Grey back? He can’t be gone. Even in host films like Get Out and Selfless, the original person is never really gone.

The choreography and makeup were beautiful. I can’t decide if I liked the cinematography or not and how it mimicked Grey’s movements like a video game but without being attached to him. 

Ugh this film was more emotionally taxing than I expected wtf! I wanted dark tinted fun not fun where the rug is pulled out beneath you and you fall into the pit of despair.

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