Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

I admittedly have never been the world’s biggest Star Wars fan. I recognize the significance but I’ve never been attached to the films the same way a lot of other people are. With the franchise’s recent surge of new movies I’ve been more inclined to check out all Star Wars films. Quickly, however, the mystique has begun to fade. I think it started with Rogue One, it’s happening here with The Last Jedi, and although I haven’t seen Solo, I’m going to assume it’s happened there too. These stories just don’t work for me. They’re neither fantastic nor necessary. The plot of The Last Jedi doesn’t serve any purpose other than closure to a certain character. But even that seemed unnecessary and forced. Questions that The Froce Awakens asked are not answered here. But they can very well be answered down the line. All in all, I simply think more could have been done with a Star Wars movie. 

Even though it might sound like I hated this movie or something, I actually enjoyed it. I was never bored throughout the long run time. Daisy Ridley is the real deal, and Adam Driver is also very good. The whole sub-plot involving Finn and the new character Rose was probably the weakest aspect of the movie. I didn’t really like Rose and Finn without Rey isn’t as interesting. Laura Dern as Holdo wasn’t good either. 

For me, the music, the anticipation of what would happen with Kylo Ren & Rey, and the spectacle of the whole thing are really what carried the movie. It’s a fun time. And that’s okay. With the amount of Star Wars movies we’re getting I won’t be expecting masterpieces each time out. It’s just not sustainable. Hopefully I can keep enjoying these movies in the near future.

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