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  • Pariyerum Perumal
  • Juliet in Paris
  • The State I Am In
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  • Knock at the Cabin

    Knock at the Cabin


    shyamalan's writing always tends to assert this particularized lack of mutual recognition between his characters and the audience and for this film it's the defining basis for establishing that phantasmagoric m. night insularity that enables his actors to facilitate the dissonant weirdness embodied by the dystopic worlds they occupy. this is all very touching and a lot more tense than i'm used to with shyamalan's movies, it comes most alive when his impervious populist instincts (lateral movements across the cabin's…

  • Red Eye

    Red Eye

    16 Hours...Flight attendants can tell I'm off the shits. They's a whisperin in the corridors. No I don't want a magazine but I will have a hot lemon scented towel. Thank you kindly. Guy next to me is pajammy'd down head to toe we haven't even been on here for 4minutes. That boy clearly excited about the comfy lux sleep wear. I'm going to try and discover something about me on this flight. Thoughts brought to you by the shaky warrior💊

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