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  • JapΓ³n



    Japon is Amazing ! Not particularly due to the nuances or underlying themes of it that one could seek throughout, but it's rather an experience, a wonderful one that is meant to be resonated and felt. Japon subtly illustrates the idea of desire, a need for companionship but also nudges us with the very fact that everything around us is fleeting and mortal.
    Apparently, there are influences of Tarkovsky and Kiarostami which are remarkably Brillant.
    Certainly,A Visual masterpiece!!


  • Sicily!



    A brief film comprising of few long but useful conversation sequences, but the one between protagonist and his mother stood out.


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  • Evolution of a Filipino Family

    Evolution of a Filipino Family


    Epic, Epic in every sense!
    Its probably not gonna be easy to articulate precise thoughts on what I've experienced over a course of nearly Eleven Hours. From the opening sequence itself, Lav Diaz's magnus opus renders the feeling that the film is gonna last for quite a while.
    The interesting fact about the film being the actor playing Raynaldo really grows up. One could notice the gradual change in characters of the family over the course of years. The Hope…

  • Labour of Love

    Labour of Love


    Certain films overwhelms with such a magnitude where merely tears don't acknowledge the sheer impact of the film, the Experience is inexpressible. It is Palpable. You crying but you're not, you're gasping and you're too numb to even shed tears. This sums up my experience with AVS's debut feature Labour Of Love.

    This is a work of Ingenious. Every single frame resonates deeply. From the man peeling off the overlayered soap, to the fleeting sequence of birds recurring at a…