Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★½

Holy shit.

Into the Spider-Verse bursts through with tremendous exuberance, utilising the medium like no other superhero film I've seen - a bolstering desire to invigorate audiences through its psychedelic and orgasmic visuals, reminding those skeptical (such as my dad) that this is no mere 'cartoon', but rather an immeasurable ode to the conception of these crime fighting sensations that have dominated pop culture for a decade. And in that decade, we have seen an unforseen flurry of features - including two reiterations of Spidey himself, a perhaps tiresome experience to those who know the story. Of course writers Lord, Miller, Rothman and Hirsch know this and offer a refreshing take on the teenage tale; instead of steering further away from what we know on the big screen, they go closer than ever before - diving head first into the pages that brought Spider-Man to life which are masterfully realised from the first frame to the last.

Simply put, this completely revitalises the superhero genre, and is by far my favourite animated film of the year. The post-credit scene sent our cinema into an ecstatic uproar; I could not believe my eyes.