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  • Angry Indian Goddesses

    Angry Indian Goddesses

    Heavy handed at times, especially the end, but in the context of a culture fighting colonially-influenced patriarchal systems, sometimes a blunt instrument is needed. Interestingly, its addressing of class issues is a little bit muddled but not entirely liberalized--the message is not entirely pro-business, but seems to call for women's solidarity across classes that favors the working class. This is... close. (Petit?) Bourgeois interests conflict with women's liberation fundamentally, but if the moment where Su finally concedes to Nargis is…

  • Someone Great

    Someone Great

    Better than I expected, but still manages to make the happy ending about the gay girl having a monogamous relationship and reinforcing patriarchal ideas of romance.

  • Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever

    Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever

    A significant number of sexual assaults, racist jokes, and a mixed bag soundtrack tarnish what would otherwise be an acceptably stupid comedy. I love you, Mary Woronov, but really.

  • The Perfect Date

    The Perfect Date


  • Did You Hear About the Morgans?

    Did You Hear About the Morgans?

    A collection of obnoxious stereotypes and cliches with the occasional dry sarcasm to break the tedium.

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame

    It accepts the premise.

    The idea of overpopulation, as I explained previously, is a myth used to justify genocide and exploitation. When Captain America talks about a pod of whales, his statement buys into the erroneous logic Thanos used in the first film. It tacitly tells you Thanos was right.

    And he wasn't. He was completely wrong. The lack of resources most people live with isn't brought on because there are too many people; it's because a very few are…

  • About a Boy

    About a Boy

    This is secretly one of those British romcoms with intersecting plotlines, but it hides it better than most. The story of our self-involved rich guy is the most boring and useless, but it bears heavily on the story of the poor awkward kid, which garners most of its power from how it intersects with the depressed mother storyline. That last storyline is the one that truly makes the film worth watching, even if it is deeply flawed and burdened by…

  • Nine Months

    Nine Months

    Straight people can't think of any way to get off but missionary, huh. If you're really worried about the baby during sex, find another way to have sex, you boring worms. I mean, come on, how goddamned narrow minded can you possibly be. I mean, if there's some reason for being that vanilla, fine, I get it. If you have hang ups or boundaries or whatever, that's fine, but it's just not even in the realm of possibility in these…

  • Music and Lyrics

    Music and Lyrics

    Cuter than I expected, funnier than I expected, less misogynist than I expected.

  • Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

    Homecoming: A Film by Beyoncé

    The guy freaking out in the Hot Sauce in My Bag shirt toward the end is the real star here, right.

    No, it's Solange dancing with such obvious joy with her sister, touching her heels to her hair.

    No, it's that strut from Kelly and Michelle.

    No, it's the stepping.

    No, it's the stage production crew, turning that stair-pyramid into a dazzling light show that emphasizes rather than whites out.

    No, it's the editors.

    No, it's the HBCU students who…

  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

    Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

    Kudos, first of all, to the hair and make up and costume folks for this one. Turning Efron into Bundy must have been fun; creating an atmosphere that sings the beige and yellow of the late 70s fashion must have been glorious. Reconstructing the media circus, the court room, the well-documented parts of this story capture something that is infuriating and in some ways tiresome to watch. The effect this has would be vastly reduced without the detailed work on…

  • Is There Sex After Death?

    Is There Sex After Death?

    A few funny moments early on deceive the viewer into thinking this might be tolerable, but the film drags heavily in later segments as it focuses entirely too long on the bits. (Err, pun intended.) Too often the humor is lost in these extended sequences when there's even humor to begin with, and of course, the film, in its attempts to push boundaries and comment on taboos, manages to embrace moments of chauvinism and bow to more deeply held restrictions…