Black Panther ★★★★

I really am filled with an unmeasurable amount of denial and sadness hearing about the passing of Chadwick. He was one of those actors that my entire family loved, someone who helped create a movie that not only added something to the MCU, but stood for the representation of black actors within a mostly white-dominated field of work. He was so fascinating and talented and funny, and incredibly kind: I never heard a bad thing about him.

I tend to wish that I could avoid becoming too attached to celebrities, to treat them with the same level of interest and respect as I do everybody else, but I can't help but feel personally grieved by this loss. Another incredible actor and person lost this year. Another important figure in my life, even though I never met him. He really was just one of the most incredible men I ever had the pleasure of watching. I cannot imagine how troubling and upsetting this must be for his family and close friends.

Devastated is an understatement. And I didn't even know he had cancer.

This tragedy led me to discovering more about colon cancer, especially thanks to so many posts on Tumblr and Twitter giving me very interesting yet troubling information; did you know that rates of colon cancer in patients under 50 are increasing, and this includes racial disparities? Some symptoms even mimic other disorders' symptoms making it less likely for doctors to screen patients who have these symptoms who are under the age of 50. Remembering Chadwick, and all others who lost their lives to colon cancer, the Colon Cancer Coalition is a great starting point to not only raise awareness for colon cancer and early detection, but also a great starting point for you to consider donating, or at least to begin learning more about such an awful disease.

Rest in peace and power, Chadwick. You will be so greatly missed, and forever remembered.

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