Hereditary ★★★★★

i've seen lots of reviews of people saying "this movie is NOT a horror it's so bad and messy"...but like, the story is more of a thriller anyway? it tells a really grossly uncomfortable story about grief and the way grief can change a person and collapse a family. i was never terrified with this film, but i was super creeped out by a lot of the imagery.

i've also seen people talk about the ending being lazy but it really isn't? like, the ending makes sense with everything the movie is slowly feeding us, all of the information given about the mom/grandma, all her books, the characters related to the mother in story, it definitely doesn't feel lazy to me. it's sudden, especially for a first watch because you're kind of overwhelmed by all the stuff, but when you watch it again you pick up on all the signs that actually make the story feel more coherent and make more sense, which i love! i love all the little easter eggs !!

and ppl try to compare this to midsommar but they're two different movies with different directions and stories and so one might be better than the other, both equally beautiful films, just depends on a preference you have for storytelling. ari aster really creates a haunting visual of grief and death and pain with hereditary and i wish people,,,thought more about the message and the imagery and the symbols rather than watching it once and saying, "eh, ending makes no sense, bye!" bc it does make sense, you just have to pick up on all of those little easter eggs throughout the film.

ANYWAYS! i rarely write in depth reviews so im just glad i get the chance to give all my thoughts about hereditary, not to like invalidate people's opinions but hereditary is definitely more than a horror film and i am always surprised and confused when i see people hating it bc ari aster did MAGIC making this movie

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