My Brother is a Mermaid ★★★★½

ok i'm not only reviewing this because one of my closest friends cameron STARS in this movie, but also i wanted to share it because this is such a valuable and important movie, so special to me and special to the trans community that im sure it will touch! such an emotive, gorgeous and difficult watch.

not difficult because it's necessarily violent but difficult because of how it makes you sympathise with how it must feel to identify as a gender. currently watching an instagram live with cameron and they so rightly described that it's not hard because it's violent but because the film is moreso about identifying with that gender and how that gender identify affects their life. i love!

i also just feel this movie is so special because i love cameron with all of my heart & to see them making such hugeeeee moves with their life is so heartwarming, i've never felt soooooooo much more proud to know somebody.

please!! take the time to find this & watch this!!!!!