2046 ★★★★

It may not be fair but it seems for me that every Wong Kar Wai movie has the unenviable inevitability of being compared to my experience with In the Mood for Love. 2046 is the concluding episode in a trilogy that began with Days of Being Wild and was followed by In the Mood for Love.

There are many comparisons to be made between these two elegant and alluring movies. The same dazzling vibrant primary colours, with 2046 dominated by the bleeding colours of red, green and gold. The same magic musical formula of selecting a compelling string melodic instrumental number to serve as the recurring theme throughout the film with the occasional pop song thrown into the mix.

2046 took longer for me to warm up to with Chow acting out the male lead with his debonair playboy approach with women that exuded overconfidence. I found myself appreciating the comparative restraint of the lovers in the preceding movie in this trilogy.

Even so, there is no question that 2046 was a visual and emotional feast in the tradition of Wong Kar Wai’s superlative cinematography, enrapturing soundtrack, and commentary on alienation amidst the unfulfilled yearning for love.  

In some ways it might not be fair to compare these two films because the cinematography of In the Mood for Love really has a chance to shine with its Blu-ray quality production. Nevertheless, after finally finding my way to this long awaited film, In the Mood For Love remains on the pedestal as my favourite WKW film.

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