Sunset Boulevard ★★★★

#39/100 - List of 100 Top Rated Classic Movies from Rotten Tomatoes

Meandering through these classic films from Hollywood’s Golden Age has uncovered for me some gifted directors and screenwriters. Chief among them is Billy Wilder. He received 21 Academy Award nominations, 8 for best director and 12 for screenwriter. Wilder is, together with Martin Scorsese, the second most nominated director in the history of the Academy Awards and the second most nominated screenwriter.

Wilder was both director and screenwriter for Sunset Boulevard, a classic story of a wealthy yet forgotten former Hollywood star, driven into a state of delusion by her inability to let go of both her youth and her fame, long after it had been taken from her.  Enter a young screenwriter with writer’s block who was falling deeper into debt, ripe for the picking as a partner in delusion.

There are no shortcuts to happiness or success when living a lie and this classic film was not about to pretend otherwise, forsaking the typical happy ending that many have come to expect in this genre for the truth of realism.

Most memorable quote: Norma you’re a woman of 50. Now grow up! There’s nothing tragic about being 50. Not unless you try to be 25,

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