Annette ★★

anette’s story is quite straightforward and linear when compared to carax’s previous effort, holy motors, which i think its a double edged sword in a way. the film is seemingly more accessible because of it, though at the same time too strange to be sufficiently accessible, yet not strange enough to be a proper Strange Film. it isn’t even clear enough about its ideas to keep the interest in a consistent level.

a lot of conflicting feelings while watching it, sometimes i was amused, others completely bored and even deeply touched, at some point. my main issue, other than the weird in between feeling of it, is that the music doesn’t match the story’s complexity nor clarifies it in any way. it was generally underwhelming, with the overly repetitive (bad) lyrics that got annoying and felt like they were just trying to make things longer than they needed to be, which i consider to be a major fault.

4/10 — it was a big screen film and i watched it on a small screen, so i’d give it another chance given the opportunity to watch it in the way it was supposed to be, but i find it a bit difficult for me to change my opinion.

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