Oslo, August 31st

Oslo, August 31st ★★★★

the main feeling i was left with after watching oslo, august 31st was some very anxious sadness, though i also can and do admire the tactfulness and sensibility displayed in the portrayal of this man’s one hopeless day. i’ve seen this happen and i’ve felt the helplessness i felt towards anders with people i know, so it’s hard to write about it, to discuss it or analyse it. it’s hard to want to think about it that much and the film just puts it so plainly it doesn’t feel like it’s needed.

it also strangely reminded me of goethe’s the sorrows of young werther, which i obsessively read over seven times when i was around fourteen (maybe that shaped my personality in a not so great way but that’s not the point of this review). both works, despite the wildly different settings and themes, deal with this impending fate that is announced at some point and the only thing left for the audience to do is to watch it unfold. you simply know what’s coming and you’re just waiting to see how while you still keep one stray hope you’re wrong. there’s not much to do other than that.


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