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  • An American Werewolf in London

    An American Werewolf in London


    Halloween Horror Marathon #22

    This is one of my go to horror films for when it's Halloween - everything combined makes this one of the best films the genre has seen. There's a surprising amount of comedy in this, and it works really well in contrast with the other tones, as it makes you enjoy seeing the main character more - you want to see him survive this curse. This film balances comedy and horror with so much ease that…

  • Host



    Halloween Horror Marathon #21

    Host was a surprisingly suspenseful, well acted horror film that took full advantage of the zoom format to deliver some great tension and jump scares. Had me on the edge of my seat for most of it and the jump scares were executed very well, I would recommend if you want something short to watch as this is just under an hour long, and if you want to watch a pretty solid horror film.

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  • Happy Death Day

    Happy Death Day


    Halloween Horror Marathon #18

    Whilst it’s nothing groundbreaking and yes it does follow the time loop formula which some might be getting tired of, this film truly exceeds in the entertainment factor making this a very fun horror comedy to watch. I wasn’t bored at all throughout as this was just a really good time and something I’d recommend if you want a light hearted horror with good performances and humour.

  • The Conjuring 2

    The Conjuring 2


    Halloween Horror Marathon #17

    The Conjuring 2 takes Ed and Lorraine to England to investigate some strange occurrences at a small London home. The family dynamic in this is captured better than the first I feel, as the siblings interact more and each have their own moments in the film - though I think best characters are still the two protagonists and in this one they are really great, and there is a surprising amount of emotional scenes involving the…