Philomena ★★★

Philomena started off and I feared for the first ten minutes this would be one of those Oscar films that were just not made for me. Thankfully, it picked up some good steam towards the end of the first act and finished off nicely (dragged a little bit towards the middle).

This is a reasonably well-told story with two very good performances from its leads in Steve Coogan and Judi Dench. At first, I was more impressed by Coogan, but as the film went on Dench had more of an opportunity to impress and she did. Chemistry and humor between these two is solid and this movie would not work without it. Also, the story explores religion and culture, but isn't overly aggressive about its message and the movie didn't feel like a religious film, which I liked.

Overall, Philomena turned out to be a nice little movie. While it's not something I'm going to rave about to my friends in their mid-20s or plan return to, it was generally enjoyable while I watched it.

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