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  • The Limehouse Golem

    The Limehouse Golem


    A psycho-thriller-cum-horror about a serial killer in Victorian London who doesn't follow a particular pattern but leaves bloodied corpses on display in an effort to make a name for themselves.

    Investigating the grim discoveries is inspector John Kildare (Bill Nighy). While looking into possible suspects, the spotlight falls on the husband of theatre actress Lizzie Cree (Olivia Cooke). To add to the confusion, Lizzie is currently under suspicion for the death of said husband by way of poisoning.

    As Kildare…

  • It



    As an adaptation of Stephen King's novel, this is top ties stuff. The core cast of kids are incredible, giving this story the kind of heart we rarely get in mainstream horror. It's uncynical but has enough bit to leave a mark.

    In Bill Skarsgard, we have a new iteration of Pennywise that is refreshing, providing a new face of horror for a new generation of fans. He's at once goofy, unsettling and relentless when he needs to be, rarely…

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  • Lost River

    Lost River


    Gosling's directorial debut is a surreal and nightmarish vision of the American dream gone sour. Bizarre in the extreme, this is a densely-layered work of the macabre that will have people loving it or loathing it. And I'd rather have a film-maker bring us cinema that provokes strong reactions - positive or negative - than something safe and forgettable.

    Bones (Iain De Caestecker) lives with his mother, Billy (Christina Hendricks), and younger brother. A house amid the ruin of a…

  • Deadpool



    Puerile humour, loads of swearing, fuckton of violence. I had a ball with it. Ryan Reynolds owns it as the Merc with a mouth. So many wise-cracking one-liners that hit the mark for me. The running joke about X-Men a particular highlight. Can see the comedy value wearing thin with some people, and that's fine. But it's a riot from start to finish IMO. Also, more Negasonic Teenage Warhead please.