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pretty good!
• the action is rly good. v fun, nicely choreographed, easily the highlight
• the multiverse jumping mechanism is also awesome. i love the whole butterfly-effect thing going there; random actions aligning connected universes is such a nice idea and i love they used it to such a huge extent
• when Jobu Tupaki explains the bagel, i had three thoughts running in my head in a series: (1) oh come on man (2) this is so stupid (3) ok this is kind of funny and cool
• same goes for the whole movie, which kinda has the tenor of like, a silly sci-fi adventure for adults in a lot of ways
• i found the emotional arc simultaneously relatable and not very compelling. idk, i rly like the decision to make the kinda-shitty mother trying to mediate between conflicting cultural norms the central character from whose perspective the story is told, but i'm not sure that the way it's resolved works very well. as Esther said, it kinda glides over how Evelyn treats Joy and creates a long moment that feels like it's resolving something without actually resolving anything. i kinda just don't get what exactly it's trying to say about their relationship other than "ok Evelyn could treat Joy better but she still loves her in her own way and Joy for her part could be more attentive to family matters". which...doesn't scan w/ all the information we have about them honestly. a lot of reviews commend the vulnerability on display, and i do like the scene where Evelyn stands up to her dad for her daughter a lot, but it kinda feels like at the last moment it flinches from having to understand that Joy is already an adult here, a lot of damage has already been done, and honestly it'd probably be the right thing to say that this relationship can't go on the same way, it might have to look drastically different, and that's ok
[SPOILERS FOR Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu HERE:] i have to mention that the last "fight" reminds me a lot of the ending of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Sotsu, where Satoko and Rika have a v visually similar multiverse-cutting battle, but finally resolve their issues w/ dialogue. there are a couple central differences: Satoko and Rika are a romantically-charged friendship, not a mother-daughter pair, for one, but the resolution is also v different. instead of fully reconciling, they just decide that they're not going to be able to be friends anymore, and agree that that's ok. it's hinted there's a possibility of them reconciling at some point, but that's kinda up in the air, and it's also implied that they'll become enemies for a very long time. i hated most of the series, but i ended up liking this resolution a lot, not least bc it recontextualised the rest of the story. but on a more fundamental level, i appreciate stories that acknowledge that sometimes things have gotten fucked up so bad that you can't return to the status quo, and that sometimes it's the right thing to do to let go and try to gain a new footing
• that all said, the final portion is p cute and i still find the characters overall rly well-written. lots of genuine charm in this movie honestly, which is a big part of the reason it didn't totally lose me
• Jobu Tupaki? kinda hot ngl. love all her various outfits, unbelievably cool in an over-the-top way. i like it when she kills that one security guard
• the universe that's just an extended Wong Kar-wai reference is so fucking good, and i rly do love the way Wayland's character is developed there. he seems sweet!
• the rock universe actually lands a lot of the emotional impact way better than if they'd decided to do that w/ live action speech honestly. nice feeling to it and i'm glad they managed to sneak that kind of thing into a movie i could see at an AMC theatre
• fuck the IRS dude it'd be so sweet to use multiverse powers to wipe out a bunch of IRS fuckers

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