Moulin Rouge! ★★★★★

I know a lot of people love this movie and I know a lot of people dislike this movie.

I'm going to start with saying that this movie is my all time favorite, nothing I watch will ever take it's place.
It's beautiful, fast, quirky with an amazing cast, alluring costumes, and a killer soundtrack.
At one point the cast will be singing a catchy, upbeat number then quickly make you remember that something serious is going on while also making you laugh!
Again, amazing cast, I think Kidman and McGregor give GREAT performances! (Jim Broadbent also gave this movie an extremely warm feeling whenever he has screen time, love those goddamn rosy cheeks).

I really REALLY recommend this movie to anyone who has not seen it because it is an experience like no other! <3

~Extra note:

Our dine-in theater did a Moulin Rouge sing-along with props and I will never forget seeing hundreds of rubber frogs being thrown at the screen when the line "my dear, a little frog!" is said by the Duke.

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