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  • The Room

    The Room


    Oh look who finally owns The Room on Blu-Ray! It's me, ya'll. It really is an experience that continues to edify me with new wonder.

  • Shanghai Surprise

    Shanghai Surprise

    Bad in a lot of ways. The sort of performance that makes me wonder why Sean Penn is famous, twists they neither surprise nor excite. I think it's trying to cross boundaries, but there's violent imagery that betrays a supposedly light-hearted tone. Also lacks actual comedy.

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  • Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

    Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue


    I have a lot of problems with this special's depiction of drug use, vilification of cannabis, and inconsistent method of having the cartoon characters enter this cartoon real world [The Smurfs walk out of a story book, Garfield is a lamp that comes to life, but Slimer (aka Onionhead) is just a ghost in this house and Michelangelo is there in the local sewer], but the most unforgivable thing is dragging Winnie-the-Pooh into this. Pooh Bear's genius comes from his…

  • Change Your Mind

    Change Your Mind


    Each episode-sized segment ends on something that is either hugely important or hugely dramatic, and I appreciate that we weren't expected to wait a week or more after cliffhangers, and the eventual resolution is actually quite satisfying. There are a lot of events that happen within the episode that feel like they might've normally taken 2-3 episodes on, so it feels maybe a little bit rushed. Hopefully it's things that will be explored in a sixth season or the movie.