Scream VI

Scream VI ★★★½

Scream VI finally embraces the 'franchise' road trip and leaves the familiar Woodsboro for the Big Apple. I appreciated the fresh setting and the big city shenanigans (set during Halloween!) which lead to some fun stabby set pieces but so much of it felt too familiar and a bit burnt out, especially in the final act.

I did enjoy this slightly more than the first legacyquel, mainly due to being on board with the self-proclaimed "core four" after spending some time with them in the previous film. They felt far more likable after suffering a good amount of trauma.

There is a fair bit more humor this time around but it doesn't hold back with its brutality and it has a bit of fun subverting expectations, especially in the first act. If it wasn't for the latter half's cliches I would have come away more impressed, but maybe that's just me wishing they had fucked with the franchise a bit more, added in some supernatural elements, and set the movie up for Scream VII: In Space (No One Can Hear you SCREAM)...

Academy Award goes to shouting out "nerdy Letterboxd critics", I feel both attacked and heard at the same time.

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