Upgrade ★★★

i’m straight up admitting that i would’ve had no interest in this film if leigh hadn’t made it. i just don’t go for fast paced things like this. a single name was all that was drawing me to it.

however, because it was penned by a filmmaker i love so much i was more than eager to look for things i enjoyed, and i found surprisingly a lot. those action sequences were incredible, from the camera work to the coloring in each one. every single shot of gore had the guy several rows behind me gasping loudly, which i loved. the character of jamie was very delightful and very underused. i was the only one who laughed aloud at their quip about the gender binary wasting their time. i just want to know where their movie is, because i’d watch the shit out of that.

i just wish there was a magical way for this film to be not so in your face about its Disabled Man Wants Not to be Disabled plotline. i can’t speak for every member of this multi-faceted community, but i do happen to live with one. and if she spent every waking moment of every waking day wanting and dreaming to be “free” of her chair, just as grey and nearly every character similar to him does, i’d want to rip my hair out. but she doesn’t. she’s a teenage girl who can be loud and happy and angry and passionate, and who also happens to have a condition that doesn’t define her as a single note character. leigh whannell isn’t the sole culprit of giving in to this trope, and he’s not Automatically 100% Evil for doing so. but it can get tiring to watch.

but my unintentional word vomit isn’t a condemning of this film, DESPITE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. because this is a fresh and surprisingly enjoyable story and i couldn’t be prouder of my Saw Guy.

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